I nora watten

I ordered a cabinet and I’ve been told that the delivery date is to be the 27th. The woman I spoke to mentioned that the shipment would be arriving at London Gateway on the 24th. As a consequence I’m not confident. Welcome to the world of commercial shipping. I sailed on a freighter last year so I know what it’s like. Burning fuel as we raced south ahead of Storm Doris. Steaming at low speed through the channel. These days owners can regulate fuel consumption remotely whilst negotiating a berth for the ship in port and searching for the best price for refilling the tanks. It’s an interesting way to travel though. You have to adjust to a whole different rhythm. Being on the bridge in a storm at night is quite an experience: just me, the helmsman and the officer of the watch. (We missed Doris but hit another storm in the North Sea and this delayed entry into Antwerp by a whole day, hence my scepticism about the furniture delivery). I sailed in February into northern waters to further distance myself from any hint of a cruise. Our destinations included snowy Swedish and Danish ports you may never have heard of. Fog, snow, storms, rain lashed docks, all the way back to Southampton.

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