Pakistan isn’t much on the tourist itinerary these days which is unfortunate. Chitral for example has been described as the ‘Switzerland of Pakistan’ due to its mountain scenery. Up on the North West Frontier close to the border with Afghanistan lies the city of Peshawar. It is a sort of south Asian Wild  West town with a bit of English suburban thrown in. This was and is a true frontier town. Here the Grand Trunk Road, Kipling’s ‘river of life’ ends and the Khyber Road begins. Once you go up here towards the pass there is  no law but tribal law. The old railway an amazing feat of engineering ceased operating a few years ago and so the only way through the pass is by motor vehicle. Getting through the pass isn’t easy these days and the Khyber Political Agent may not be issuing permits. In any case the traveller needs to go with an armed escort.

The city itself has a lot to see; the Khyber Bazaar, the Bala Hissar Fort and just wandering the crowded streets. As for places to stay, there’s Green’s Hotel which has been catering to visitors since the 19th century.pakistan-Peshawar

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