Up to a point I can understand the value of CCTV however as a deterrent it has limitations and ultimately may do no more than confirm you were robbed. On the other hand its ubiquity can be intrusive. Where I live two households have CCTV cameras pointing onto the public road. What kind of gratification they get from this I cannot say. Out of curiosity I contacted the local authority and received an unsatisfactory reply (never underestimate the ability of public officials to speak with authority upon a subject about which they’re completely ignorant) and local authority officials are firmly at the bottom of the public sector hierarchy. Next I tried the police. No luck there either. Like the local authority they chose to misinterpret the words ‘public highway’ and conclude I was talking about intrusion onto private property. Finally I got on to the office of the Information Commissioner and very quickly received a well researched and succinct reply. Yes, the cops can do something so I’ve written to the Police & Crime Commissioner.

Watch this space!


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