A Really Big Lunch

I’ve just finished reading the above written by the late Jim Harrison, poet and author. It isn’t the sort of book I’d normally go for but it came by a recommendation from Richard Grant the travel writer, so I decided to give it a go. Essentially it’s a collection of essays (Harrison was food writer for Esquire magazine). At times it’s a celebration of gluttony (some of the meals he indulged in were simply gargantuan) at others it’s a reflection on the natural world, the United States, France and much else. You may have heard of his best known work Legends of the Fall which became  film some years ago.He’s been compared to Hemingway, something Harrison rejected, though he certainly looked like him. At least until all those years of excessive eating, smoking and drinking began to catch up with him. He records his various illnesses, diabetes, gout etc. and the ones he managed to dodge. Overall a gloriously eccentric piece of writing in which Harrison celebrated the stuff he liked to do. The surprising thing is that he made it to the age of 78. Anyway I’m hoping to follow one of his recommendations this summer and visit the Wagon Wheel saloon in Patagonia. Patagonia Arizona that is.

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