A New Prime Minister

Interestingly there is no requirement in the British constitution that we should have a Prime Minister, it’s merely a constitutional convention that we do so. However deliberately or out of ignorance (I suspect mainly the latter) we can in the coming weeks expect to hear opposition politicians deny that the winner of the contest ‘lacks legitimacy’. This assertion will be nodded through by broadcast journalists who I suspect don’t know any better either.

Personally I lost interest after learning that none of the remaining hereditary peers were putting their names forward. An Earl or Viscount might have added to the fun. It occurred to me to write and ‘encourage’ the 15th Earl of Home to throw his hat in the ring. His lordship being the son of former Prime Minister Sir Alec Douglas Home, who after he left office admitted that he ‘hadn’t done anything’. A better record I think than mucking things up as a result of ‘doing something’.

Sir Alec had a brother who was an excellent mimic and would call Downing Street pretending to be President Kennedy.

Prime Ministers were less well guarded back then and on one occasion a group of students called at his home in Scotland, announcing that they had come to kidnap him. ‘Do you realise’  replied Sir Alec, ‘if you do that the Conservative party will win the next general election with a huge majority’.

Then he invited them in for a beer.

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