I’ve just finished reading ‘Crosby Stills Nash and Young’ by David Browne. It’s a well written, meticulously researched book which might have been assisted by a flow chart giving a timeline of ‘who isn’t talking to whom at the moment’ . The book is a tale of three, then four established musicians who come together to form a band. Each it seems would prefer to be a very successful solo performer but that’s not what the public want (with the exception of Young) . At one point Stills and Nash attempt to tour as a pair but  promoters won’t go for it and they’re forced to haul along the drug addled Crosby. Young flits in and out of the line-up at intervals frustrating the others. It’s a tale of talent massive egos and some memorable music. At one of their concerts it’s said Donald Trump, Patti Smith and Salman Rushdie were sitting together!

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