In The Bunker

With most people ‘at home’ television interviews with government ministers are conducted in domestic settings. I tend to miss the message because I’m more interested in the background stuff. Actually I’m probably not missing much given the gormless questions they get asked. Ministers are generally pictured in a rather austere kitchen setting which looks like it has no history of food preparation, or with a well filled bookshelf behind them. Perhaps they should consider how Mr Churchill might have done it? For starters breakfast television would have found him in bed enjoying the first cigar and whisky and soda of the day. Pursuing this theme how about the Minister of Defence: in the background a Vietnamese nightclub hostess (Saigon circa 1968). A government scientist in a laboratory equipped with film props from ‘Young Frankenstein’ (complete with ‘the creature’ lying on a slab). The Health Minister might be pictured mid way through dinner, lifting a linen cloth from his head beneath which he had been feasting on Ortolan. Unfortunately we have no Duke of Omnium running the country from the House of Lords. This is a pity since His Grace would have found an ‘interview’ horribly intrusive and might have deputised his butler to take messages…

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