I’ve been reading the diaries of Chips Channon, the latest (unexpurgated) edition having been published this year. The diaries cover the period 1918-38. Channon, American born, became a Member of Parliament and as his diaries reveal, knew everybody in society. The year 1936 saw two major events and Channon was close to the action. The first was the Berlin Olympics and Channon was there mixing with the Nazi hierarchy. His comments about these people were (as we now know) wildly and often hilariously inaccurate. Next came the Abdication Crisis. Again Channon is close to the action, though ultimately the reader is left wondering, who cares? Anyway I thought these two events would form the basis of an article, so if you don’t want to plod through Channon’s diaries (about 950 pages) then there’s my article in the Quarterly Review for a flavour.

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